It’s natural to feel suffocated sometimes. Although we say it’s a small life, it doesn’t feel at that moment. There are times when it feels like a never ending journey. Responsibilities, office targets, deadlines, personal failures, etc., all can just pressurize our throats. It feels like there is no other way; there is no freedom.

This happens very seldom to me. But happens. A never ending suffocation. It’s like death is nothing compared to mental torture. We just want to run away. But we can’t, can we? Close members of our lives can help us. But they are facing their own fight. Dependency on others is a dangerous path to choose. You don’t know how someone will react to your situation. Sometimes they will feel for you, sometimes they won’t.

This is the time when you need your own breakthroughs. Identify your love and hold on to that. Those feelings or things won’t hurt you. For me, it’s always movies. Although I’ve many escape routes, it’s primarily movies. Sometimes, it’s brainless dumb movies and other times it’s full packed action. I can forget everything and loose control over my mind while watching a movie. Good or bad! – doesn’t matter. Just playing one and see the little things happening gives me joy. I laugh, I get excited, I feel bad. The type is irrelevant. Important is that I FEEL. All those sorrows that takes me to the edge and makes me numb, goes away. I start to feel. A silly kid is getting bullied. I’m shouting inside “Punch him in the face. Oh! Come on.” Hero is escaping from the dungeons and I’m thinking “Really! Hundreds of bullets and not one of them taking his brains out!” A mother is dying in the movie and the son is crying; I’m hoping that she lives. I like happy endings.

It’s not just the movies. I have many. I can listen to music for hours without thinking anything. I go through the 9gag and see the silly things people are doing. I go for a walk on the riverside or sometimes just on a busy road and try to guess what a person is thinking. Is that person with black shirt worried? Why?

Every person is different. These might seems foolish to you. Maybe you think these can’t solve your problems. Trust me it can. Everything has a solution. We just need to pass the bad phase so that we can think of a way out. If nothing works out, we can just turn off our phones, go to a remote area where no one knows me, and pass leisure days without thinking anything. Nothing is bigger than the life itself. Remember more people worse than your situation came back. You can too. But for that one moment… that one tiny moment in the universe when you are down and nothing is working, you need a escape route……

Photo from Aditya Saxena