“Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live”
John Woods

CSE 2208 - Assembly Programming Language


Rationale: This course aims to provide a strong foundation to understand modern computer system architecture and code the computer with the low level assembly language. The course is structured to work with memories and registers and logic operations.


Declaration: Various materials are collected from Internet to make these slides. These slides are to help taking the class and can be used as a guideline.
  1. Topic 01 Introduction.pdf (Screencast: Introduction to Assembly Programming)
  2. Topic 02 Intel 8086 Introduction.pdf (Screencast: Topic 2 Intel 8086 Intro | Assembly Language | In Bangla )
  3. Topic 03 Syntax and Fields.pdf (Screencast: Topic 3 Syntax and Fields | Assembly Language | In Bangla )
  4. Topic 04 Add two single digits and Introduction to emu8086 (Screencast: Topic 4 Emulator emu8086 Introduction | Assembly Language | In Bangla )
  5. Assignment 1 (Deadline: Sept 24, 2020 6.00pm) – Submit within Google Classroom
  6. Topic 5 Print Double Digits (Screencast: Topic 5 Print Double Digits)
  7. Topic 6 Print Strings and Input Digits (Screencast: Topic 6 Print Strings and Input Digits)
  8. Topic 7 Label, Jump, Compare (Screencast: Label, Jump, Compare)
  9. Topic 8 Loop (Screencast: Loop)