Atanu Shome

I like to interact with students. Generally, I take 2-3 classes in each course on the topic of “morality”. In these classes, I usually talk about current youth mentality, activities on social accounts, perspective on Bangladesh and so on. Sometimes, students taught me things that I might not think at all. Motto of my teaching method is “INSPIRATION”. I believe students can not be fully taught, they can be guided. I find pleasure in my students’ achievements.

I have research interest in Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Social Data Cluster, Blockchain etc. I wish not to do research for the sake of publication rather want to have some meaning behind my works.

Finally, I am a movie enthusiast, travel addict and a photography apprentice.


I graduated with B. Sc. Engg in Computer Science and Engineering from Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh in 2013. I was first in my class. My undergrade thesis topic was ” A gaming approach in physical therapy for facial nerve paralysis patient ” In, 2018, I completed my M. Sc. Engg in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh. My thesis topic was ” A Generalized Mechanism beyond NLP for Real-Time Detection of Cyber Abuse through Facial Expression Analytics “.

I started my career as Software Engineer in LA Technologies, Khulna, Bangladesh (2013-2016). Job involved working on several web solutions, websites using PHP, Symfony2 framework and cross-platform mobile app development for android and iOS.

Teaching career started with Bangladesh University Business and Technology (BUBT). I worked as lecturer in BUBT from Feb, 2016 to Jan, 2019. Later, got promoted as Assistant Professor and hold the position for 6 month. I joined Khulna University as Lecturer in July, 2019.


Knowledge is something which grows over time through sharing. Solving problems for others can taught you stuff that you may not couldn’t think of earlier. I have 8K+ points on StackOverflow. Initially, it stated with helping others for Cordova/Phonegap. Currently, I contribute in Pandas and Data Science. StackOverflow link


Little things matter. If you learn something, it’s your achievement. If you build something, others deserve to learn for future growth of the technology. Github is perfect for showcasing your efforts and work. I try to contribute in Github as much as possible. Started late but now my repository list contains several segments of Data-Science. Github Link