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“Happiness is Everything..... PERIOD. 🦚”

In a parallel universe I am comedian 🃏🎭

I like to interact with students. Generally, I take 2-3 classes in each course on the topic of “morality”. In these classes, I usually talk about current youth mentality, activities on social accounts, perspective on Bangladesh and so on. Sometimes, students taught me things that I might not think at all. Motto of my teaching method is “INSPIRATION”. I believe students can not be fully taught, they can be guided. I find pleasure in my students’ achievements.

Life is a series of events. We gather knowledge from those events and use for further advancement. These blogs are about my experience. It showcases both technical learning and life lessons.

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Engineering life is a box of suprise. You don’t know what will you get. It can be amazing if you know how to live it or it can be depressing if you can’t manage your time. You need to find your passion.

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  • Khulna University research Cell (KURC) Project on Computer Vision and Activity Detection (Ongoing-Final Phase)
  • Social Data Analysis using NLP.
  • Activity detection using computer vision.
  • Custom multi-class object detection using computer vision.
  • Use of blockchain to improve the security of unprocessed information.
  • Several microcontrollers based automation projects under academic courses.